My wife and I recently had the chance to visit Dublin, the capital of Ireland. We were there for a weekend visit and didn’t know what to expect. What we had was (exhausting but) fun weekend going about in the city. There was much to enjoy about the city, being widepsread as it is but also deeply historical. The Trinity College was our first go-to, and though there was a hefty fee to pay to enter the esteemed library – we enjoyed its grounds, regardless.

While Dublin city itself is alive with sights and sounds, the call of autumn also invites reflection. And what better way than to immerse in nature? We spent a day travelling into the Killarney National Park, a good few hours’ drive away from Dublin. I love nothing better than a road trip, so we charted our course into the deep wilderlands and journeyed under the dark clouds that threatened our small adventure.

What we didn’t realise that we set the GPS coordinates so precisely that we ended up in the heart of the National Park. There we were, alone between autumn mountains and forests. The sight was breathtaking, and the vistas arresting. I’ve never seen the outdoors in autumn before when even the greens cannot resists its natural transformation into amber.

Taken with a Canon EOS M3, edited on Adobe Lightroom.