The COVID-19 pandemic has kept Malaysians indoors since the 18th of March 2020. Tomorrow, the “lockdown”, or Movement Control Order (MCO), as it is refered to, will be lifted.

This effectively means that Malaysians have largely been confined indoors for almost three months. These are several photographs I captured from both outside and inside my apartment during this period.

The past three months have been challenging. The economy suffered, many had lost their jobs, or seen a pay cut. Businesses have shuttered. On a personal level, my wife and I worried plenty for our family members – and feared every day when we awaited the daily 5PM press conferences and the statistics it brought with it.

Though, in these times too, we learned to appreciate and learned more of one another. Though there was sad, fearful news every day – there equally was of frontliners who braved every day, making sure public health was functioning optimally, despite it all. There is a resilience to be gained from this global, human experience.

But it doesn’t end here. As the MCO is lifted, we will be battling the mental and emotional scars from this pandemic. This is a human experience, one that we suffered together but will pull through together as well.